Do you need an international driving licence in France?


Would you get a duplicate license (duplicata permis de conduire)?

For some time currently it's been normal practise for individuals in France to avoid losing their driver's licence by obtaining somebody else to require the hit on the penalty points for things like dashing.

France features a totally different approach of doing things to US (Don’t they always?) as every French driving licence starts with twelve points and that they get removed when you get caught for a driving offence like dashing. once you haven't any points left you have got no license left, simples!

There area unit websites in France that have adverts from consumers and sellers of licence points thus if you have got been caught during a snare however the camera cannot determine the motive force it's continually been potential to induce somebody else to require the points “hit”. You then pay them Associate in Nursing in agreement quantity of cash and pay the fine for them.

Students WHO cannot afford a automobile or French WHO area unit moving abroad and so won't be needing their French drivers licence area unit only too happy to sell their points at around €400 every.

So ten points, €4,000 is kind of lots cash|of cash} for Associate in Nursing impoverished student however little or no money to a giant rich person businessperson in his Porsche.

Things area unit on the point of get somewhat tougher although because the French police have for the primary time started making an attempt to confine on this practise. It’s ne'er been legal to try and do this, simply raise Chris Huhne, however the French police thus far have not done something regarding it.

There is one such points merchandising web site known as computer wherever individuals advertise their points “for sale”. thus this could notice it tough to induce advertisers from currently on if the police area unit currently observance the activity of the positioning.

I have been onto the web site this morning although and there area unit still adverts on that. My French is terrible however with somewhat facilitate from a translator here area unit some of ads on their these days.

Ad 1

I have all my points allowed and need to sell directly the foremost points (not to contact Maine for one or 2 points give thanks you).

I have a bike license A and license B self.

I will even attend court for you for the proper worth.

I are often your excellent alibi, intelligent and articulate.

Only serious consumers would like apply, i need to understand what you would like and the way abundant you're willing to get it!

Email equipped although I’ve not reproduced it here!

 Ad 2

SELLING POINTS ALLOWED MOTO FRANCE, all blocky motorbike LICENSE FRANCE Suisse Kingdom of Belgium LUXEMBOURG I even have a bike license cyclindrées all that's most helpful to Maine and that i sell you all my points in one choose safety. create Maine a proposal to shop for my points and that i can answer in person. Keep your license. Regards.

Ad 3

I don't drive any longer and that i sell my points driving licence B. I don't pay the fine and settle for solely offense offenses (not crossing the court). I sell them severally at four hundred euros or in teams of three to one,000 euros for three. you'll be able to contact Maine by mail to: by coming into your number and your request.

Ad 4

 Hello, I sell my license points as a result of i am going for 2 years learning abroad. I even have allowed twelve points of B. I comply with all the petty crime while not legal action, within the discretion. € two hundred per purpose discount if you purchase all.

Driving Licence Rules for France

If you're progressing to sleep in France for a protracted time then you'll be able to drive on your duplicate license (duplicata du permis de conduire) for a minimum of a year, and even longer if you get a world Driver’s allow (IDP). you'll ought to get the ADP before you permit the united kingdom although as you'll not be allowed to use for it in France.

If you're resident and commit a driving offence you'll got to get a French licence so that they will begin taking the points off it.

When a driving fine is logged against you, you'll get a notification from the “prefecture” telling you the number of penalty points lost and the way several you have got left.

After three years the points return on once more you'll got to pass a driving take a look at to induce your license back if you act.

It is potential to wrongfully get some points back by taking the French equivalent of our “Speed Awareness Course”

If you have stolen license (permisvolé) and want to permit damaged (permisabimé) then you can contact at


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